Personal Training

Personal Training may be required for an individual before participating in a group environment.  Our bodies may be deconditioned from sitting for too many hours, poor posture or a previous injury.  We will start off with static and movement assessments and progress to corrective exercises to prepare your body for physical movement.  You may also be more comfortable in a one on one environment.   We will work together based on your goals to help you develop a personalized workout plan that works for you!

I offer personal training in an environment that is comfortable for you.  Whether it’s in your home, in a nearby park….I will come to you!

So let’s get started!

1 X a Week
Each Session (Individual And Partner)= $100 – $130 per hour

2 X a Week
Each Session (Individual And Partner)= $90 – $120 per hour

Please note that the total investment cost is based on a monthly session rate.   Please contact me to get started today!

Contact Info:   
Sonya Bailey

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