“Sonya Bailey was recommended to me by my Physical Therapist. I’ve been working with her for six months. After countless joining and quitting gyms, it finally dawned on me that I really don’t want to get in my car and go anywhere. I don’t want to exercise with a myriad of people and I definitely don’t want to pack, then change into and out of exercise clothes.

Having my own personal trainer seemed so out of my league on a number of different levels. I’m older, have had back surgery and frankly, could not imagine ever liking to exercise.
I wanted someone who would listen and ‘get’ me. Someone who would come on time and work with me to create a challenging program that I’d like and actually do!

Sonya Bailey is more than up to that sort of challenge. Together we’ve created a fitness program specifically tailored to what I can and cannot do. What I appreciate so much about Sonya is that we work together making the different exercises almost fun…that might be a bit of a stretch, but I do like going down to my basement and working out. I have never in my life been so committed to my physical well being.

I made an Excel chart with all the exercises and love seeing the filled in spaces at the end of each week. Sonya progresses each exercise or changes them to keep the routine new. She watches carefully to make sure the movements give my body what it needs. She communicates well.
After 6 months I’m proud to say I’m standing up straighter, am noticeably stronger and have more stamina. Since we started, I’ve averaged 3+ days a week.
I’d encourage anyone who has ever struggled with committing to a realistic, challenging and doable fitness program to give Sonya a call.”

~Joan Benner, Age 73, Client


“I have been training with Sonya for several years and I’m happy to say that she’s now as much friend as trainer. She will push you to work as hard as you’ll let her, at the same time she tailors the workouts to your situation. All of her sessions are functional core work-outs, but as a long distance runner she has focused on those muscle groups that best support my half-marathon training. She is also a student of health and fitness and often shares articles she’s found about the latest fitness news for runners for my benefit. She takes a vested interest in you as a person and starts her sessions by checking in with what’s going on with your body. Under her care, I was able to build my way to a 2 minute plank and both the balance and strength work we’ve done has had a more than noticeable positive impact on my running. If you want a hard core workout from a person who also listens and cares, Sonya is the perfect blend of tough and compassionate.”

~Lyda Hawes, Age 43, Client and Friend


“Attending Sonya’s fit camp twice a week throughout the year has helped keep me mentally and physically in shape. It’s a great way to start or end the day, and she adapts the exercises to the client. I really like the variety in each workout and between workouts , which include flexibility, strength and cardio. We’ve had a range of ages from 20 somethings to 60 somethings in our sessions, all of whom can benefit.”

~Sharon Turpin, Age 60, Parkwood Fit Camp


“I have been taking group classes from Sonya for the past 3+ years. My first favorite part of working out with Sonya is that I just show up and she does the rest. She pushes me in a way that is subtle so that I exceed limits that I didn’t know was possible. I always feel comfortable with modifications and/or going at my own pace. The group classes are intimate and fun!

My second favorite aspect of working out with Sonya is being able to work out year round outside. No stuffy gym for me! I have noticed increased flexibility, core strength, and less illness when working out with her regularly. Her training and experience is an unexpected benefit for her students too. I have learned a lot about Sonya’s approach to holistic health which has improved my health as well.

The third best part of working out with Sonya is how I feel mentally and physically. No anxiety about starting up a fitness program, and the endorphins and results from working out with her help my stress level and sleeping patterns. I can’t thank her enough for helping me balance my busy work schedule and giving me the opportunity to make her classes work for me in many ways!”

~Sara Halpin, Age 37, Golden Gardens Boot Camp!/Harbor Steps Group Training


“Sonya’s fitness program has given me improved flexibility and strength, which in turn has greatly improved my tennis game! Sonya guides us through a fun and rigorous workout. I enjoy the blending of cardio, flexibility, and strengthening exercises and training, after the workday. She makes us work hard to stay fit and healthy, and is tough on us in a nice way!”

~Khue Tran, Age 49, Parkwood Fit Camp


“I’ve been taking Sonya’s ‘torture’ in various forms since April of 2012. Recently, I’ve committed wholly to the Golden Gardens Boot Camp. She’s always provided great recommendations and modifications for whatever it is I may be doing (last year it was a half marathon) or not able to do. Her classes are the perfect blend of butt kicking-think cardio, strength/weight training, deep stretches, etc. She encourages you to push yourself further, but is always watching out for your safety and health. Her encouragement to live a healthier lifestyle has really rubbed off on me. Those extra Girl Scout cookies just aren’t worth it anymore! Her morning boot camp sessions always leave me exhausted, yet invigorated (that sounds contradictory, but it really is that way). Plus, the view from Golden Gardens is a wonderful way to start my day. Her classes are worth every penny and dime!”

~Cassandra Carrasco, Age 25, Golden Gardens Boot Camp!


“Joining Sonya’s fitness camp has been a great thing for me. Gets me energized and feeling great the rest of the day! After a day of work she’s made it so convenient to have it at our school two days a week so all I do is change into my exercise clothes and get my cardio workout and a various range of other exercises.
Anyone can do her workouts and get something out of it. At my age I feel it’s a good thing to be doing.”

~Doreen Ferris, Age 65, Parkwood Fit Camp


“After experiencing lower back pain for several years, a friend recommended I try Golden Gardens Boot Camp with Sonya. I was skeptical at first as I had not exercised on a regular basis for many years, and had certainly not considered working out at the formidable hour of 6:00 am – outdoors, no less! After one week I knew that I had found my perfect training regimen. My back pain disappeared immediately, and as the workouts progressed, I could feel myself getting stronger, gaining flexibility, having more energy and sleeping better. I credit Sonya’s expert training for this. She varies each workout with a balance of attention given to cardiovascular endurance, strength training and yoga. She is always prepared with modifications, if necessary. She is both encouraging and challenging. And the early morning session, surrounded by the beauty of Golden Gardens and a great group of peers, is a perfect way to start the day. Boot Camp with Sonya is a twice-a-week gift to my own health and well-being!”

~Jennifer Ingham, Age 45, Golden Gardens Boot Camp!


“About 3 years ago, my old gym went bankrupt (I wasn’t going anyway) and I needed to kick start my fitness goals at a fitness center that would keep me interested and motivated. I started Kinesis at Vera Fitness where Sonya was one of my earliest trainers and I loved the workout. Kinesis is a total body workout and is a gentler way to do weight training yet challenges muscles, stamina, balance and mind. I was in poor condition to start and Sonya was really terrific helping me go at my own pace and meet my personal goals. She continues to be terrific now that I’m much stronger and can do more.  A great trainer and a fitness program that suits my needs has meant that I have maintained a weekly schedule of classes since the first day trying out Kinesis, instead of finding excuses not to go to the gym.

Sonya is a really great motivator. She makes my workouts the best for me, even in a small group training atmosphere, where there are different abilities and physical constraints. She challenges me when she sees I can do more and suggests ways for me to modify when I need to. Yes, she does “kick butt” as people like to say – they say this with affection because she encourages her clients to push past their mental blocks in order to do more than they think they can and get an effective workout. Working out with Sonya is lots of laughs and fun too. Sonya has a good sense of humor and keeps the mood light and happy.  Sonya’s training and Kinesis gets me out the door!”

~Nancy B., Age 54, Kinesis Fusion


“I’ve been doing Kinesis with Sonya for a year and a half now. The sessions are both well-designed and fun to do, and I have seen my strength and stamina increase considerably over that time. The workouts are suitable for people of all fitness levels as Sonya can tailor each movement to fit your current condition or to allow for any injuries or chronic issues you might have. She explains just enough, but not too much. The classes are enjoyable and challenging at the same time. If you like exercise (or want to learn to like it) but find the atmosphere of a regular gym unappealing, Kinesis with Sonya is a great option.”

~Lorraine E., Age 59, Kinesis Fusion


“I started Kinesis sessions almost 2 years ago and for the first time ever as an adult, I began to enjoy “working out”. Something clicked and I found myself looking forward to the small group sessions and the challenges of working my mind and body at the same time on the Kinesis system. Sonya infuses her knowledge of exercise and physiology, her love of fitness and health, and her infectious smile and laugh into every session. Every month a new routine is introduced so there is never a boredom factor. Plus Sonya mixes it up a bit with “playground” or dance moves to keep the momentum and energy going. It’s challenging, it’s sweaty, and it’s fun.”

~Holly C., Age 58, Kinesis Fusion


“Sonya has been gently pushing me to work harder in my Kinesis workouts for more than two years, and I’ve definitely seen the results — better muscle tone, good energy levels (most days), and awareness of how my diet and even social network affects my feeling of being fit and healthy. She’s not a drill sergeant but a truly professional fitness coach — someone who will gently but firmly keep you on track to achieve your goals.

While large group classes at a gym may be cheaper, I firmly believe you get what you pay for. With Sonya’s small group Kinesis sessions, you get her personal attention and the supportive atmosphere of working out with others like you. She’s very knowledgeable about muscle movement and is also attentive to good joint positioning so your knees and hips don’t get injured — which is a definite benefit of small group classes. Her consistently upbeat and enthusiastic attitude in class soon changes any lethargic mood and guides you into a good, sweaty workout that makes you glad you came. All you have to do is show up, and Sonya performs her magic to get you to do the rest.

Staying in good physical shape is important so that you can quickly bounce back from any unexpected health events. It’s what I credit for getting me through 7 weeks of radiation following breast cancer surgery, healing quickly and with energy levels that impressed my doctors and benefit my employer because I didn’t need to use much sick leave at work. My post-operative check-ups six months later also showed how quickly I regained muscle strength and range of motion in my shoulder, and that is nearly all due to Sonya’s steady coaching in the Kinesis sessions. I get the rest of the credit for showing up.”

~Claire S., Age 52, Kinesis Fusion